Emaux V650 25″ top mount filter

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Emaux 25″ top mount sand filter V650 1.5″ ports. Max. rated flow 15.6 m3/hr.
The V-SeriesHigh Rate Sand Filters from Emaux are high quality filters available in a range of sizes to fit all swimming pools.

Spun-woven fiberglass construction
Clamp lock is designed to allow 360 degree rotation to simplify installation
top diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the top of the sand bed
large pressure sand / water drain for rapider winterizing or servicing.
Materials used are dependable, non corrosive and are suitable for all weather performance
Easy to use multi port valve with simple to use lever action

UV resistant tank allows the fitler to work under direct sunlight.

Functions: (Refer to 6-Way Multi-port Valve)
Maximum working pressure: 250kPa
Factory Testing Pressure: 400kPa
Maximum Water Temperature: 43*c

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