Emaux EPV 150 Series Variable Speed Pump with unions 1.5HP

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Flow Rate (m3/h):18

Emaux E-Power Variable Speed Pump utilizes the latest Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) technology, it produces a magnetic field between the rotor and windings. The energy saving is derived from the ability to reduce the RPM of the motor itself. The standard motor consumes electricity to induce the magnetic field into the rotor; on the other hand, PMM motor gains efficiency by the magnets working to spin the rotor, which achieves efficiency ratings of 90%*
Max flow rate (head: 10m)

EPV100 1 HP up to 28 m3/hr
EPV150 1.5 HP up to 30 m3/hr
EPV200 2 HP up to 34 m3/hr
EPV300 3 HP up to 39 m3/hr

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