Bioniser 2-250L

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Bionizer’s pool sanitising system is a fully digitalised ioniser that controls the pool pump through its own digital timer. The intelligent ionising system will calculate how much ionising a pool needs without over-ionising, regardless of the pump time that has been set this system uses natural mineral ions, copper and silver to transform swimming pools and spas to natural water sources without chemicals such as chlorine Our 2-250L model suits any pool up to 250,000 litres
Water testing is made easy the Bionizer involves two simple tests once a week, one test a fortnight and then another two tests once every month. No Stabiliser Needed. Silver and Copper Anodes: The anode change-over process is quick and easy. Save Time: Time-saving automation and ease of use. Minimal Water Tests. Fast Setup: Bionizer attaches to your pool or spa system easily and quickly

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