AstralPool Chlorine Stabiliser 5kg

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New!! AstralPool Spain.

AstralPool Chlorine Stabiliser 5kg. Prevents UV sun rays from destroying quickly excess of Chlorine, highly recommended for Salt Water Pool.

This compound is used to prolong the effectiveness of chlorine in swimming pool water, this product white powder form.

Avoids the rapid destruction of chlorine, caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

If a swimming pool with the appropriate quantity of chlorine is exposed to strong sunlight without the protection of CHLORINE STABILISER (0400), the water will lose 90 % of its available chlorine within three hours.
B) If 4 kilos of CHLORINE STABILISER (0400) per 100 cubic metres is added, the same water will lose only 30 % of its chlorine in three hours.


At the beginning of the swimming season add 4 kilos of CHLORINE STABILISER (0400) per 100 cubic metres of water (40 ppm of cyanuric acid). While the filtration equipment is in operation, place the required dose of product inside the skimmers or in the pump pre-filter.

Keep a level of a between 30 and 60 ppm of product in the water. The concentration of product should not be higher than 60 ppm. If the level is higher the swimming pool should be drained of some of its water, and replaced with water does not contain product.

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