Astral Hurlcon VX11 Cell & Housing (Genuine)

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Made from the highest grade cell material in Australia ensuring maximum life and maximum output. Genuine Astral Hurlcon replacement VX7 cell suits all previous series chlorinators in the VX range. New cells have 4 prongs (1 earth, 1 negative & 2 postitive) the 2 positive have a connecting bridge so the one output wire conducts both prongs. Will suit all older models and box style Astral Hurlcon Cells with the 3 prong system.

Includes Genuine Astral Hurlcon replacement cable to suit VX Salt Chlorinators & Cells. Will suit any existing Astral chlorinator box
●Suits: VX Series Chlorinators
●1 x Hurlcon Astral VX 11 Cell
●1 x Genuine Astral VX output cable
●11 Solid Plates
●35 Grams Per Hour
●1yrs Manufactures warranty
●Complete with housing
●Genuine Astral Replacement Part
●Factory Warranty
●Easy Replacement with basic tools

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